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Favorite Ways to Prepare a Turkey

I've been asked several times what the best way to prepare a turkey is. My answer is generally the same as most meats I prepare, low and slow. Last year we had a customer suggest to dry brine the was AMAZING!! I'm including links here to my favorite ways to prepare a pastured turkey.

Shannon Hayes not only gives many tips about preparing grassfed turkeys, she has written some amazing cookbooks for all grassfed meats!

Jenny shares the slow roasting method for a pastured turkey. We did this one year and really enjoyed it as well!

And then the dry brine method. I found this site that explains it in great deal. It's worth trying out if you've never done it before. I will suggest that you leave the turkey covered in the refrigerator, but 24 hours before cooking take the cover off to let the skin dry out, which will result in a beautiful crispy skinned turkey. One tip, if you use the pan drippings from a dry brined turkey for gravy, taste the gravy before adding additional salt.

My favorite piece of advice is to treat the turkey like a large chicken. If you have a roaster or roasting pan big enough, put the turkey it and roast it slow. I would cover it for the first part either with the lid or with foil, and then maybe a half hour or hour before it's done, take the cover off and that will crisp up the skin.

Relax, enjoy the process, and take in all the smells and flavors of the turkey. After all, it is a special occasion!

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