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Intership Opportunities

Information on interships at Canal Junction

Canal Junction is currently seeking interns for the 2017 season.

Location: Canal Junction Farms is located in rural Northwest Ohio on heavy clay soil. It's an area rich in history. The name Canal Junction comes from a little town called Junction where the Miami Erie and Wabash Erie canals met, back in the 1800s. The old canal bed runs right along our farm. It was also an area heavily inhabited by the Native Americans, along the local rivers. The farm is rural, but we are about 20 minutes from Defiance, OH, about 60 minutes from the Toledo, OH area, and about 60 minutes from Ft. Wayne, IN.  

Position Description: The internship position will include a broad range of tasks and cover a wide range of skills. Possible learning opportunities include: milking cows, feeding calves, feeding chickens, moving chickens, gathering and packaging eggs, moving fences, fixing fences, maintaining waterers, butchering chickens, helping manage freezer inventory, making cheese, ageing cheese, direct marketing products, buying club organizing, herdshare experience, customer relations, deliveries, making hay, driving tractor, and more. The days begin at 6 AM and usually go until around 6 PM, sometimes earlier and sometimes later. We are looking for 2-3 interns for the 2017 growing season: May 1 - September 30. We can not accept entire families.  

Farm Description: Canal Junction Farms is located in rural Northwest Ohio. We are a grassfed dairy, livestock, and hay farm. We milk cows, raise beef, broilers, layers, pigs, lambs, and turkeys. We also make cheese from our milk. Our animals are rotationally grazed and we also make hay for winter feed. The farm is owned by Ralph and Sheila Schlatter (Ralph is the fifth generation on the farm) and operated by Ralph and Sheila and their two adult children, Kyle and Renae.  

Education Potential: This is a little cliche, but it's so true. You will get out of it what you put in to it. If you have the drive and desire to learn, you will come away from the experience with a lot of new knowledge and skills. From animal health and well being, equipment operation and maintenance, grass and pasture maintenance and improvement, soil health, marketing knowledge, operating a buying club experience, customer relation skills, practical hands on skills such as butchering chickens. The opportunities are there almost daily to dive in and learn something new, or improve on a skill set you already have.  

Expectations: As an intern at Canal Junction, you will be expected to come with a willing attitude towards learning and the drive and desire to work hard. Your main purpose in being here is to be an asset to Canal Junction, and for you to learn as you go. Some days are longer than others, but every day will be filled with honest work. You will live off the farm, about 3 miles away. You will be expected to start each day at 6 AM. Morning chores last until between 8-9 AM. You will get around an hour for breakfast, and then back to the farm for whatever tasks need done for the day. The days usually end around 6 PM, sometimes earlier and sometimes later. Lunch is provided at the farm. Work is Monday thru Friday. During the busy hay season work will also be on Saturday. Some Saturday's and always Sunday's are chores only. Weekends will be rotated so you get some time off. You must be willing to work alone at times and with others. There are no tasks that are below anyone. Each task is important. Yes, there are repetitive chores that must be done each day, but there are also plenty of opportunities for new experiences.  

Food Provided: Lunches are prepared and provided on the farm. You will have access to our store and freezers for food you can use for your breakfast and dinner, which you will prepare and eat where you are staying.  

Housing: About 3 miles from the farm. We have an RV that is set up for up to 2 people per RV.

Compensation: $600.00/month stipend plus a gas stipend to get to and from the farm from housing  

Work Schedule: 10-12 hours per day - 5-6 days per week  

Start Date: May 1, 2017  

End Date: September 30, 2017

Application Process: To apply, please email a request for an internship application to We will accept completed applications until February 7, 2017. We will send a response when we receive a completed application. After February 7, we will contact you with either an invitation to come for a working interview, or a no thank you, it's not the right fit. If you are invited for a working interview, we will have you come to the farm and work with us for a day. You can get to know us and see our farm and we can get to know you. We will reply within two weeks of the working interview with our decision for the 2017 season.