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Bulk Beef Bundles

These bulk bundles are a great way to stock your freezer with grassfed beef. Unlike doing custom orders of beef quarters, halves, and wholes, these bundles give you the option to save by buying in bulk and stocking up your freezer without having to figure out how to fill out the cutting instructions. You just choose the size that is right for you and we do the rest. The wait time for a bundle is significantly less than a custom order.

All bundles come standard with:

  • Pre cut to popular package/portion sizes
  • Frozen and double wrapped - first in a heavy plastic wrap and then with white butcher paper
  • Each cut is individually packaged and labeled with cut name
  • Entire order is boxed for easy transportation


Ground Beef Bundle:

Do you find yourself running out of ground beef, but still have plenty of steaks and roasts on hand? This is the ticket for you. The ground beef comes in 1 pound (approx.) packages.

20 pound ground beef bundle: $134.00   40 pound ground beef bundle: $264.00


1/8 Beef Bundle - 45 pounds - $330.75: 

2 round steak (1/package), 2 sirloin steak (2/package), 2 NY strip steak (2/package), 1 rolled rump roast, 1 ribeye steak (2/package), 2 chuck roast, 2 beef stew (1 pound package), 23-25 pounds ground beef   **uses about 2 cubic ft. freezer space


1/4 Beef Bundle - 90 pounds - $648.00:

4 round steak (1/package), 4 sirloin steak (2/package), 4 NY strip steak (2/package), 2 rolled rump roast, 2 ribeye steak (2/package), 4 chuck roast, 4 beef stew (1 pound package), 45-50 pounds ground beef  **uses 3-4 cubic ft. freezer space


1/2 Beef Bundle - 180 pounds - $1278.00:

8 round steak (1/package), 8 sirloin steak (2/package), 8 NY strip steak (2/package), 4 rolled rump roast, 4 ribeye steak (2/package), 8 chuck roast, 8 beef stew (1 pound package), 90-100 pounds ground beef  **uses 6-8 cubic ft. freezer space


Whole Beef Bundle - 360 pounds - $2520.00:

16 round steak (1/package), 16 sirloin steak (2/package), 16 NY strip steak (2/package), 8 rolled rump roast, 8 ribeye steak (2/package), 16 chuck roast, 16 beef stew (1 pound package), 180-200 pounds ground beef  **uses 12-16 cubic ft. freezer space


A common question we get is, how long is beef good for in the freezer? We have found that beef maintains its quality in the freezer for a year.

Please call or email with any questions about beef bundles.