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Welcome to our new website

Posted 12/30/2009 9:50am by Renae Schlatter.

Thanks for visiting! We are excited to have our new website up and running. Please check back often for updates and news from the farm. We welcome all who are interested to sign up for our mailing list.

This time of year can be a bit slow for us. Since we are a grass based operation, most of our meat products are grown during the growing season. We do winter over our dairy cows as we are not seasonal and do milk year round. Also, we have a beef brood cow herd that is wintered over at our farm about a mile from the home farm. The dairy and beef animals are fed dry hay during the winter time. We were actually able to take the beef animals off of our farm for a few months this summer and to another location. This allowed to grass to grow and become what we call 'stockpiled.' This is nice because the animals are still grazing the pastures and we have not had to feed them any hay yet this winter. About the middle of January we will probably have to start putting hay in for them as they will have the grass all grazed down.

Our meat chickens and turkeys we only raise during the growing season, so we do not have them right now. We do still have our laying hens over the winter. We move them into our greenhouse where they are kept out of the wind and winter elements. They naturally go through a cycle that as they get older they slow down in their egg laying production. We try to keep a cycle of new hens rotated in so the egg production stays pretty steady. Also, during the winter months if the hens are not kept warm, they will spend all of their energy keeping themselves warm and not laying eggs.

We do keep the dairy cows close to the milking barn in the winter. This enables us to feed them hay conveniently. They are bedded down on a straw pack in a loafing shed where they can keep out of the wind. Since they are bedded down we do have the manure to haul out from winter bedding. But otherwise, when the cows are grazing on the pasture they spread their own manure.

As long as the ground is frozen the hay feeding and manure hauling is not too bad. If the ground gets soft it makes these chores more of a 'chore.'

Each season has its own ups and downs. But, we are thankful for the different experiences.