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Springtime Saturday Afternoon

Posted 4/10/2010 2:14pm by Renae Schlatter.

Well, I have decided to selflessly give up my Saturday afternoon house cleaning detail to update the blog with some springtime news and photos! I know, I really shouldn't do that...but sacrifices must be made! :)

The most exciting news is that the animlas are getting back out onto green grass. The first to go out were the dairy cows. A few days before it was quite fit to send them out they would stand at the gate and longingly look at the pastures. After the ground firmed up enough to send them out they were on their way. I had wanted to document their first trip out in pictures, but was not informed of the exciting event in time. So, I had to settle for pictures once they were grazing away. Dairy cows on their first pasture for the spring 2010

Then I was able to get a picture later of them going out the lane to the "grassture" as Ralph like to call it!

Dairy Cows going out the lane 4-2010

Yesterday we had some excitement when our first chicks of the season arrived. They come via USPS mail. The mail carrier said she had some noisy chicks with her! I was able to get them into their pen and under the brooder which keeps them warm. Here are the boxes that they come in.

chicks in the mail!

The following are pictures of them once they were out of the boxes and exploring their new surroundings. When we get them they are just a day old. The label on the box said they were hatched at 10:00 AM Thursday.

Little chick

New chicks finding the water

First chicks finding the feed

We have also let our laying hens out to their grass area. They are always so excited to get to forage for grass and insects!

The first laying hens coming out

The girls foraging

Our beef cows have been out all winter. They were on some ground that we were able to stockpile some grass on last summer. They were able to graze on this stockpiled grass until about the first of the year. Then we did feed them the dry hay.

Beef cows

Beef cows grazing

The thing we are most concerned about this time of year is that all the animals stay where they are supposed to be. With the ground still being pretty soft it is not pretty if they get out and into the lawn. I so appreciate living in an area where the season changes are so distinct. We were able to get some early crops planted in our garden last weekend and the daffodils are blooming and the tulips are up and about to pop open.


Some of my nieces and nephews were here a little while ago and they were full of energy so we decided to take a walk. They like to investigate and see what's new around the farm.


One of the things I enjoy the most are the sunsets over the pond.Our kitchen window over the sink in the house and the store look out over the pond and a lot of times we're doing dishes around sunset so we get to see the beautiful landscapes they make.

Springtime sunset

Springtime sunset

So, the grass is growing again and we are gearing up for the growing season once again. In about 3 weeks, depending on what the weather is, the chicks will be moved out to pasture and we will be getting our next batch of new chicks in. We get chicks every three weeks eight times throughout the spring/summer.

The dairy cows have been calving. I think there are about 20 more cows to calve yet. I will talk more in another post about our calf raising this year. We are developing a nurse cow herd so we don't have to spend man hours feeding the calves. It is a learning experiance as most changes are!

I guess there may still be time to do some cleaning. Hmmm...what else can I write about???

We appreciate the support and interest our family farm is shown. Until next time!

-Renae Schlatter