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Free Range Pork?

Posted 1/6/2011 10:35am by Renae Schlatter.

A couple weeks ago I was working here in the store and looked out the window and saw this:


My first thoughts went to a book that I read so many times as a kid, Charlotte's Web. Wilbur the pig is discouraged because he is confined to his pen and the goose so kindly tells him of a loose board in his pen. Wibur escapes and enjoys the freedom at first until Mrs. Zuckerman saw him and hollered, "Homer, pig's out! Lurvy! Pig's out!" That's what I felt like doing, but Ralph was at a meeting, Kyle was at a hay auction, and Brian was in the middle of making cheese. So, I decided that the pigs wouldn't wander too far and they would have to stay out until Kyle got home. When he went to put them in the pen they just walked right in. Now, if that would have been me, it would have been a disaster and they would not have cooperated quite so well I'm sure!

There certainly never is a dull moment on a farm!