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2012 Recap

Posted 1/24/2013 11:35am by Renae Schlatter.

Seeing as 2013 is well underway, it's high time I get a recap of the previous year posted! Right now I'm having a love hate relationship with technology. I just spent probably an hour making this post up and was just about to push submit when the internet went down! And nothing was saved, except the helpful! Anyhow, I'll try again!

We started out the year with a fairly dry winter. We weren't sure what the spring and summer would hold, but hoped for good growing conditions. The most excitement in the spring is when the cows can go back out to pasture, and when we get the first batch of chicks.

We look forward to moving the laying hens from the greenhouse to the pasture when the time is right. This year Ralph had plenty of help, or something, from the younger generation!

grandkids moving chickens

A ride on the 4-wheeler or wagon is always good entertainment.

grandkids moving chickens

And sometimes we end up looking like the Clampetts!

grandkids moving chickens

As the summer wore on we wondered if it would rain again. We ended up loosing about 85 grazing days and had to feed our winter supply of dry hay during that time. We made two cuttings of hay, but they were poor yields.


brown pastures

A neighbor's corn field in late July/early August.

corn in drought

Our heavy clay soil is notorious for large cracks in dry conditions.

cracks in the ground

The bottom pond along our road is not very deep to begin with, but this is the lowest I've ever seen it.

dry pond

dry pond with 4wheeler

On June 29 a Derecho, or straight wind blew through our area. It caused damage to some of our structures and we were without electricity for five days. I had no idea that a storm was even predicted, but it came through and left its mark! On July 4 we were blessed with the outpouring of support from our customers. A group came and helped us with the clean up and rebuilding.

Later in the summer the greenhouse got restructured and a new cover pulled onto it.

Andy and boys

pulling tarp over greenhouse

Every once in a while there will be some abnormality on the farm that warrants documenting. About 20 years ago or so, when we were still in conventional farming, there was a two headed calf born. This wasn't quite as exciting, but still a little strange. Don't worry, this one wasn't for sale!

three footed chicken

One of my favorite things to do is watch the sky. I love to watch the color displays in the evening while doing dishes.

evening sky

And this was from just a month or two ago. Usually the most brilliant colors are in late summer and fall.

evening sky

September brought our Farm Club field day. We had beautiful weather for the day. It had actually rained during that week and the grasses were staring to green up.

field day

 wagon ride

Sampson giving a little love!

dog kisses

 And to round out the year was the beginning of a major project. We have installed a FodderTech sprouting system. With this we can sprout grains, such as barley, and use the green sprouts as a high protein feed. A more detailed post on this will come soon. In early November the work on the building started. Here they are pouring the footer.

pouring the footer

 An eventful year, and one not soon to be forgotten I'm sure. We are thankful that we came through it safe and healthy. We don't know what this next year will hold, but we will try our best to make the best of whatever comes.