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Cows are out!

Posted 3/31/2012 8:28am by Renae Schlatter.

Thursday morning was quite exciting around here. The dairy herd was let out to green pastures for the first time this year. Kyle let me know before he left them out so I could go out with my camera and capture the moment. It is always quite fun to watch them run down the lane and as soon as they turn the corner into the pasture they kick up their hind legs and run and jump! We plan to leave them out now unless we get some really heavy rains. Then we will have to watch so they don't track up the pastures too much.

So, the cows went from here...

tramp shed3 here!

Here they are coming down the lane. Part way down they discovered the grass along the side and had to stop and try it out.

I was also able to catch some short video shots of them, so I'm going to try and load them here as well.

Things are definitely moving toward Spring here. We have chicks coming in about two weeks and just got 18 small feeder pigs. It seems that change is the norm here!